Saturday, June 3, 2017

Summer 2017 chores for my 6-10 year olds

In addition to cleaning their table spot each meal and doing a tiny bit of math review and piano each day, all my older girls all have a particular chore assigned for each week-day in the summer. These chores are similar to their school-year chores but take just a bit more time since they have more time on their hands.  For instance, during the school-year they all have a day to sweep but during the summer, they have to both sweep and mop.  During the school-year they quickly wipe down the bathroom sink and toilet but during the summer I add scrubbing the tub and sweeping the floor to their job description.   The girls are excited because this summer I am giving them all one night each week to help me cook dinner. They can help me plan the menu but they have to do the dishes as well.  I spend the first 2 weeks each summer going over exactly how I expect chores to be done and supervising and then I pretty much let them do it by themselves as best they can for the rest of the summer.  If they need help, they can ask, but for the most part they are quite independent with their chores.   My 4 year old isn't on the list because she doesn't read yet, but she knows she must help me with a chore each day, such as emptying out the dishwasher or helping me pick up things from the floor or do laundry.

6-year oldsweep DRlaundry and clean dresserclean guest bathroomHelp with dinner and clean upvacuum Alyssa's room
8 year oldvacuum and dust/sweep LRclean master bathroomsweep and mop art roomlaundry and clean roomHelp with dinner and clean up
10 year oldlaundry and clean roomHelp with dinner and clean upvacuum and dust/ sweep LRsweep and mop DRclean master bathroom

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