Monday, July 17, 2017

The chapter books that won over my girls...

There is a fine line between being able to read and suddenly devouring chapter books.  It is as if a light switch turned on and suddenly the child who just a few days ago didn't want to read a simple reader suddenly wants to read a chapter book every waking second.  What does it take for that light switch to turn on?  A well-written chapter book that draws the child into the story and makes her want to read another one!  This just recently happened with my third reader and I thought I'd share which chapter books helped my girls make the jump from "able to read but not willing to put forth the effort" to "Mama, can you please request the next book in this series at the library?"

1st child:  The Boxcar Children by Warner and Mandie books by Leppard
2nd Child: Rainbow Magic Fairy Books by Meadows and Encyclopedia Brown books by Sobol
3rd Child: Princess Katie's Kittens by Sykes and The Princess In Black series by Hale