Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Summer chores for my girls

After going through morning sickness, I realized that my girls were capable of much more responsibility than I gave them credit for.  I decided that I would make summer chore charts so that they could learn to do most of the housekeeping skills so that I wouldn't have to oversee them so much when the baby comes.   It took a little work the first couple weeks as they were learning, but now they are doing an awesome job!  I made myself a schedule as well, so that I sweep and mop on alternate days or vacuum, etc.  That way all chores get done at least twice a week and if they don't do them perfectly, I can make up the difference.  It has just been wonderful! My house is cleaner than ever!  I have to say that one of the biggest differences has been the amount of laundry I have to do now that my 7 and 9 year olds do theirs completely.  When you have a family of 6 people, cutting out two really helps!  I thought I would share our chore charts.  I also made a document giving them an opportunity to make some money.  I don't want to raise entitled children so if they ask for money for something, I just point to their chart :)

Summer Daily Chores

Karis (9 years old)
Monday -- Do your laundry and sweep bedroom
Tuesday - Wipe down bathroom sink and potty
Wednesday -- sweep and mop under dining table
Thursday -- Empty and refill dishwasher when asked
Friday -- vacuum and straighten family room

Karlie (7 years old)
Monday -- Wipe down bathroom sink and potty
Tuesday --Empty and refill dishwasher when asked
Wednesday -- Do your laundry and sweep bedroom
Thursday -- sweep and mop kitchen and art area
Friday -- Sweep and mop under dining table

Abbi (5 years old)
Monday -- Sweep and mop bedroom
Tuesday -- Help Mommy do your laundry
Wednesday -- Help empty dishwasher when asked
Thursday -- Wipe down bathroom sink and potty

Friday --Help empty dishwasher

Summer Ways to earn extra money:

First, ask yourself if you have done the following:
  1. Bed made, nothing on floor, drawers shut
  2. Daily chore
  3. Dressed, clean teeth, and brushed hair
  4. Been kind to sisters
  5. Happily done previous 4:30 clean up
  6. Devotions
  7. Clean table spot after each meal or snack
  8. At least one page of math workbook

Extra money options:
  1. Scrub tub -- .25
  2. Sweep and mop kitchen and art area -- .25
  3. Sweep and mop under dining room table -- .25
  4. Clean all windows, mirrors, and doorknobs that you can reach -- .25
  5. Clean out toys, books, and trash from van -- .25
  6. Clean and vacuum family room --.25
  7. Maps from memory -- 5.00
    1. Fill in States and tell me capitals
    2. Blob the continents and oceans with Latitudes, PM, eq, & directions
    3. Fill in Periodic Table H1 to Ar18
  8. Finish a math workbook -- 5.00
  9. 8.  Multiplication book in August - 2min/number: 5.00
  10. Be able to sing the following grammar songs from memory: 5.00
    1. Sentence
    2. 8 parts of speech
    3. Noun
    4. Verb
    5. Adverb
    6. Adjective
    7. 4 Purposes of Sentences
    8. Pronoun
    9. Preposition
    10. Linking Verb
    11. Helping Verb
  11. Recite all science or history songs from CC cycle 1 -- 5.00