Thursday, January 28, 2010

Some ideas for fighting the flu and other viruses naturally

Whew! I think we are all finally better! So glad the flu is gone from our house! When I called my holistic care doctor to get some ideas for how to beat the flu, she gave me several suggestions that I thought I'd share with you. I couldn't try them all out because I didn't have all the ingredients on hand, but I plan to stock up for next time! So here are five tips she gave me for fighting a virus (which seems to be a lot harder than an infection!)

1. Mix together two TBS apple cider vinegar with about 1/8 tsp baking soda. Drink it after it stops fizzing. Take 3 times a day.

2. Make ginger root tea -- boil water, pour over fresh ginger root and let steep like you would any other tea.

3. Make a ginger root spritzer -- extra probiotics! Let the ginger root tea ferment on the counter with whey and honey. (Sorry; she didn't give me proportions so I'll have to experiment and get back with you :)

4. Natural pain reliever -- instead of taking Tylenol which keeps your body from fighting the virus naturally, try these pills instead that not only help relieve pain but encourage your body's own immune system to fight back stronger! If you don't have all of these, just take whichever ones you have and it will still help: 1 capsule each of turmeric, ginger, and bosweilla, and two capsules of cayenne pepper.

5. Collodial Silver -- a mouthful every few hours web you are miserable!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Second TIme Around...

Since it is almost Karlie's first birthday, I thought I'd write a little about what worked for me (or didn't! :) with the second baby.

-- Swaddling is my best friend, as well as the paci. I still haven't figured out the best age to remove the swaddle, but I know that 6 months is undoubtedly NOT the best age to remove a paci. (I swear it took Karlie 2 months to get over her loss!) It is much easier to get rid of the paci at 15 months (it only took one nap) and letting the baby keep it that long will give Mama many more hours of much-needed sleep!

-- Two under two years is utterly exhausting for the first 8 months, but after that, it is much easier having a playmate so close in age! And, yes, I would be thrilled to do it again if the Lord ever blesses us in that way again.

Coconut oil is undoubtedly the best baby lotion and diaper cream ever! Completely natural with anti-bacterial properties, it totally cleared up any skin issues my baby ever had.

It is sooo much easier to skip the whole "babyfood-making" process and simply smash up veggies and meat from whatever I am fixing the rest of the family for dinner. With Karis, I stocked my freezer full of "babyfood ice cubes," but this time I just didn't have the time and I figured fresh food was better for her anyways.

It is much more messy but soooo much easier to just let a baby feed herself from the start. Who needs yucky cereal and purees anyways? The baby really doesn't need any food at 6 months other than Mama's milk. Karlie had so much fun experimenting with all the different flavors I gave her to taste! It didn't matter how much she actually got into her mouth. I really think that being allowed to feed herself from the start gave Karlie incredible hand-eye coordination. Plus, I actually got to eat dinner without stopping every 2 seconds to feed the baby. So much nicer! The only time I used a spoon with Karlie was for soft-boiled eggs yolks, cod liver oil, and home-made yogurt because of their great nutritional value.

Discipline is NOT any easier the second time around! I thought it would be, since I had already figured out our "methods" and been through it with Karis. But no, it's definitely harder. With a toddler running around, it is harder for me to take the time to let Karlie disobey and continue touching the forbidden object so that I can discipline her and teach her the word "no" when it only takes a second to remove her from temptation. But then she doesn't learn anything, does she? :) Also, the "baby of the family" mindset affects me somehow. It is harder for me to discipline Karlie. I can't explain it. But we are determined to teach her obedience, so I must! Pray for me:)

I wouldn't want to go a day without wearing my baby! My hotsling (a great deal I found on e-bay!) was my favorite carrier from birth to 6 months. From then on, Karlie loved being in the Ergo carrier. I can't recommend these enough! I also made myself a Moby-style wrap when Karlie was around 6 months and I think I would have used it a ton if I had it when she was first born. But once she could go in the Ergo, it is just so easy and comfy for me that I didn't use the Moby-style wrap as much.

Getting a baby to use the potty is much easier than starting at the age of 2 :) Karlie has been actually using the potty several times a day since she was 9 months old. She doesn't stay dry in between, but she definitely knows the purpose of a potty and uses it when I set her on it if she has the need. Potty training Karis wasn't that bad, but this is much easier!

Getting naps to coordinate was probably my biggest battle with 2 under 2. It made for a really long day if I didn't get a break for at least 20 minutes!

Blanket time saved the day for me more times than I can count! I'm getting ready to train Karlie to do it as well.

These nursing tops from Target
 are absolutely my favorite things in the world. I would never humiliate myself by admitting that I probably wore one every single day the first 3 months of Karlie's life and probably at least 4 times a week forever after that. Or that I will continue to wear them as long as Karlie wants to nurse. They were fabulous to layer with because they kept those chilly fingers off my bare belly and kept my back covered when nursing in public. And in the summer, I would wear them by themselves around the house.

I need help sometimes -- With Karis, I did it all myself. I never asked for anyone to babysit, never admitted I needed help with anything. I'll admit; that was simply my wretched pride. I would have probably continued in such sin except for the fact that I truly could not do it all on my own this time. My dear Mom went home after the first week and my body rebelled when I tried to do it all myself. I was in serious pain and had to ask a friend to come help me take care of my precious girls so we could make it through the day. After that, I realized that people genuinely want to help and even enjoy doing it! So this year has been a lot nicer in that regard. When Karlie was sick and kept me up for 4 nights straight, I asked some dear friends at church to take Karis for a couple of hours so I could rest. When I needed a date with my hubby, I asked for a babysitter. And not only did Karis survive, but she had a blast and made new friends! It is a good thing to ask for help!