Thursday, November 10, 2011

Our natural medicine cabinet

It is that time of year... when my facebook is filled with moms complaining about sick children. Last year, I shared my top 25 favorite natural remedies for fighting off sickness. I still use them regularly and prefer them over anything store-bought. But I thought I would give a little update and share some of the more natural "medicines" I have chosen to buy to keep on hand. A lot of them are homeopathic remedies that are completely safe and effective. If you don't know much about homeopathic remedies, this post is a great one to start with and then read this this article. My girls take them as well and like them. If you are interested in starting to use some, then this kit by Hylands contains most of the basics. I also greatly recommend Naturo Kits. We have the mini first aid kit and it has really been helpful! (And once again, I am not a doctor so do your own research before buying any of this :)

Sabadil -- by Boiron for allergies
Chestal -- a homeopathic cough syrup by Boiron
Arnica Montana - any time someone falls or goes through something traumatic
Arnica gel -- for bumps and bruises
Oscillococcinum -- for flu-like symptoms
Belladonna for fevers and inflammations
Nux Vomica for nausea and upset stomach
Chamomilla for teething and irritability
Calms Forte by Hylands -- to calm down kiddos when they are up past their bedtime and to sometimes help my husband sleep when he is stressed about work

Elderberry syrup -- easy to make by just boiling elderberries in water, simmering for 30 minutes, then smashing through a strainer and adding honey. It will store in the fridge for up to 3 months. Or you can buy something like Sambucus elderberry syrup on Amazon or vitacost.

Papaya Enzymes -- these are amazing for heartburn, nausea, and acid reflux -- I used them when I was pregnant instead of Tums and use them now if I eat a lot of processed foods or just too much for dinner (HA!)

Activated Charcoal -- for food poisoning or other poisoning, stomach bug, bad bites, or stings

Netti Pot with salt water -- to relieve sinus symptoms

Be Kool soft cool gel sheets to place on forehead to help cool down a fever (Thanks, Hollie, for the great idea!) My kids have never been that cooperative with a cold washcloth, but they were excited to see these "cold bandaids" to put on their foreheads.

Little Noses Saline drops -- for stopped up nose

Wild Weed Salve (from the mini first aid naturokit) -- for bug bites, itchy, dry skin, etc -- it works really well and is the only thing to keep my girls from complaining about a bad bug bite